Paxtonia Truck 34, Seagrave Tractor Drawn Aerial

Fri, Oct 27th, 2017, 10:31 am

The sign on the Aerial Ladder reads, "Hook & Ladder 34".    The Paxtonia Fire Company motto, a Latin phrase,  printed on the compartment door, reads "Opera Non Verbus", which translates to "deeds not words".   Combine Hook & Ladder 34 with opera non verbus, and what do you get????  You get one amazing piece of Firefighting Apparatus, ready and equipped to perform the "Deed" of "Truck Operations"!!!    Truck 34 is, a straight  forward, no nonsense, Ladder Truck, with alot of ground ladders, alot of hooks, and a great layout to get the "deed" done!   

Chief Dustin Ross, called a year ahead, to make sure that Truck 34, had a spot on the Calendar at Specialized Fire (SFES).  Specialized Fire was involved in the Final Inspection at Seagrave, and then awaited delivery to Pennsylvania.  The Paxtonia Fire, Truck Committee, had an awesome plan, detailing equipment location.  Truck 34 and the equipment was delivered to the SFES shop, and work commenced.  The firefighting crew from "34" stopped weekly, to monitor progress and exchange ideas with the "old heads" at SFES.    The end result,is a sum of the premise, on which Truck 34 was destined to become,  " Hook and Ladder 34" !   

Thanks to the Paxtonia Fire Co and Truck Committee, for allowing SFES to provide equipment mounting for Truck 34!  Maximum adjustability, durability, and space utilization, will remain the priority at SFES!  and as Chief Ross exclaimed upon completion of the project, "the equipment mounting at SFES, stands the test of time"!   enough said! 

"Old Bald Guys can Weld"!

Choose your weapon!

No Need to drill additional holes in your truck! Just drill the mounting wall!

Pull and Go!

A mount that incorporates a step for the tillerman access/egress

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